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Agricultural Renewable Energy

Dulas is an expert advisor in the agricultural renewable energy sector, accredited by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. Its consultants and engineers work in partnership with land owners and estate managers to develop wind power, hydro power and solar PV schemes.

Landowners and Estate Managers

Renewable energy technologies offer land owners and estate managers a wealth of opportunities. With a hydro power, wind power or solar PV scheme, land owners and estate managers can:

Generate financial profit from their land
Diversify their income sources, ensuring the long-term viability of their estate
Contribute to the ongoing financial running costs of their estate

renewable energy for landowners
Agricultural renewable energy


Renewable energy technologies are particularly valuable in the farming community. Renewables allow farmers to meet their need for large amounts of electricity using their own resources.    

Our services


Dulas' consultants are able to advise land owners and estate managers on every stage of the planning process for renewable energy installations.

With over 30 years’ experience in the sector, Dulas' expertise and industry skills ensure the successful completion of prospective projects. 

Environmental Impact Assessments 

Dulas' expert team provides consultancy services for new renewable energy developments, with our project managers advising on each stage of the Environmental Impact Assessment required for a new scheme.


Planning Consent 

Since 1982, Dulas has been developing suitable designs and layouts for renewable energy schemes that mitigate potential planning risks. It has supported a total of over 400MW of schemes in securing planning consent. 

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