Our Values

Dulas is a leading renewable consultancy focussed on the technological advancements that emancipate business owners, charities and communities from dependence on fossil fuels. Dulas was founded as a cooperative back in 1982 and our unusual ‘staff-owned’ business structure enables our members to fulfil their potential whilst feeling a strong sense of personal ownership of the business. Pride in our work is important to us and we work collectively to maintain our stance as one of the most ethical companies in the UK.

We care about people  .  We care about the planet  .  We care about fairness and ethical trading

Our values have matured into Dulas achieving so much as a business. We’ve provided medical facilities and energy solutions to areas that are difficult to power via traditional means. Our female promotion figures are way above the national average for a STEM company. Our insistence on quality systems have naturally translated into an ethical supply chain and our projects create a better planet for all of us. For example, we’ve just completed work on our ground mounted solar farm in Five Fords, Wrexham. The scale of the farm will save Welsh Water 1084 tons of CO₂ per annum - the equivalent of 2,597,975 miles being driven by an average car, or 1,156,731 pounds of coal being burned.

Our excellent customer service records have enabled us to become ISO9001 certified.  We are also ISO1401 certified for our commitment to environmental best practice. The thousands of jobs that we’ve completed internationally have contributed to creating a cleaner, healthier world. We only work with reputable companies, our offices only use renewable electricity, we encourage staff to cycle to work and we supply our staff with healthy food in our company canteen. We manufacture products to be proud of, regularly train our staff and are accredited by the stringent bodies of REA, MCS, NICEIC, UVDB/ Achilles and IEMA.