Due Diligence

Renewable Energy Due Diligence

With over 30 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector, Dulas is an expert in delivering due diligence for wind, solar, hydro and biomass projects located worldwide.  Its highly technical approach ensures the business has a deep understanding of all technology types, and is consequently able to provide highly valuable qualitative risk assessment for renewable technologies for investors and lenders.

Dulas brings its experience, wide knowledge and technical expertise to each project we work on to ensure its success and longevity.

Wind development due dilligence
Renewable energy due diligence- wind rose


Dulas' renewable energies consultancy services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning and development services
  • Public consultation services
  • IEMA accredited Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Site layout and optimal siting
  • Due diligence and risk analysis
  • DNO services
  • Tender specification consultancy
  • Full system design


Dulas ensures the provision of appropriate levels of due diligence on all renewable energy projects. It covers every stage, from energy yields and environmental impact to technical due diligence.

Risk Management

Dulas' team works to support the success of each prospective project, identifying risks in the development phase and managing financial exposure and costs.

Dulas prepares management plans, conduct site audits and assess on-site practices to ensure compliance with documented procedures for solar, biomass, wind and hydro schemes.

renewable energy due diligence

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