Environmental Impact Assessment


Since 1982, Dulas has been developing successful renewable energy installations around the world with wind power, hydro power, biomass technologies and solar PV. Dulas's specialist support team provides consultancy services to support renewable energy Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) applications.

 “The aim of Environmental Impact Assessment is to protect the environment by ensuring that a local planning authority when deciding whether to grant planning permission for a project, which is likely to have significant effects on the environment, does so in the full knowledge of the likely significant effects, and takes this into account in the decision making process.”

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Wind development environmental impact assessment
Environmental impact assessment

The Assessment

EIAs typically cover all aspects of the natural, social and economic implications of a prospective renewable energy development.

The assessment process for a large renewable energy projects is highly specialised and can take a number of years, from conception to completion—which is why you need a trusted partner on your side to help deliver the results you need.

Experience and Accreditation

Dulas' team has years of industry expertise and experience, allowing it to work closely with planning officers to meet each area of the EIA.

Where needed, Dulas subcontracts the relevant parts of the process to other professionals, while project managing the process to successful completion.

Dulas is fully accredited with The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (EIMA).

Environmental impact assessment

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