CKI Ltd Headquarters 50kW retrofit PV installation

Client - Carl Kammerling International Ltd

Project Overview

CKI provide a wide range of hand tools, tool storage, power tool accessories and security products suitable for professional, industrial and consumer use. The company decided to have a solar PV installation at their Headquarters in order to provide future energy security for the business. It is hoped that the system will contribute to 15% of the warehouse’s overall energy usage. Dulas were selected to provide project management and PV installation services. Through diligent and efficient working Dulas engineers achieved a tight FIT deadline for the customer.

CKI Ltd Headquarters 50kW retrofit PV installation
CKI Ltd Headquarters 50kW retrofit PV installation


Due to the site proximity to the sea Hyundai Solar PV modules were chosen as they have IEC 61701 salt mist corrosion test certification. All mounting equipment was anodised aluminium and high grade stainless steel to ensure continuation of mechanical performance. Due to the shallow pitch of the roof elevation rails were employed to increase the mounting angle of the PV array. This resulted in the improvement of the modules ability to self-clean and also increases energy yield.

Technical Overview

  • System Size: 50 kWp
  • Annual Output: 99, 177 kW
  • Annual CO2 Savings: 56, 322 kg
  • Inverters: 4 Fronius IG Plus
  • Mounting System: Schletter Fix-Z 7 optimum elevation rails
  • Modules: Hyundai
CKI Ltd Headquarters 50kW retrofit PV installation

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