FAQs – Wind Power

Frequently Asked Questions about Wind Power 

1. Why should I install a wind turbine on my land?  

Installing a medium-scale wind turbine can unlock a range of potential revenue streams for landowners and businesses. They can be deployed to take advantage of the government Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme, support energy-intense business operations, and sell power to the national grid. 

2. What measurement technology should I be choosing for my site?

Technology in this area is continuing to diversify and there are several options that might be suitable for your particular site – from static met masts to portable SoDAR and LiDAR remote-sensing devices.

Dulas’ team of consultants can help you to decide which form of technology will best suit the needs of your site. 

3. How do I register my site for the FiT scheme?

Once Dulas has installed a turbine on a site, it will register you on the central FiT database and you will then receive a certificate confirming FiT compliance.

You must then inform your chosen energy supplier that you are eligible to receive the FIT by providing the certificate. Once the supplier has cross referenced your installation with the central FiT database and is happy that your site does register for the FiT scheme, it will transfer payments at regular intervals, pre-determined by you and your energy supplier. You may be required to provide meter readings to the suppliers if requested.

See the list of Registered FIT licensed suppliers here

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