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About Dulas Hydropower

Over the past three decades Dulas has worked with a range of project partners, from large developers and utilities to private landowners, and this marks us out as one of the leading hydropower companies in the UK.

Our solid industry credentials mean that we can offer a host of different services across many different varieties of hydro project - from early planning application support and site design, right through to contractor management, installation and operations and maintenance.

Run of River Hydro Scheme
Hydro Scheme

In practice, this means that Dulas has the ability to optimise all stages of the project lifecycle. If you have a development that you feel is not performing as it should, Dulas can also offer optimisation services to ensure that you are able to extract maximum productivity from your scheme.


Additionally, Dulas can help repair hydro systems that have suffered technical failure and we can troubleshoot and refurbish where necessary.

As the pioneer behind the ground-breaking AquaShear Coanda screen, we’re also able to offer a low cost operation and maintenance solution that prevents clogging, maximises flow potential, and removes the need for regular site inspections.

Dulas provides technical expertise to support high value projects and we are proud to say that these projects consistently deliver on their potential.

About Dulas Hydropower

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