Remote Sensing

Always have the latest data at hand

Wind farm prospecting, development, construction, and operational management demands the latest accuracy in measurement and monitoring.

Cost pressures on wind farm development in mature markets now means that data collection and analysis in the development stage needs to be efficient, easy and expedient. In addition with noise sensitivity an important consideration in the planning process, Dulas is able to deploy remote sensing technology and its expertise to ensure that turbine developments are able to meet the latest regulatory requirements.

ZephIR remote sensing
Triton remote sensing

In the emerging markets, where wind energy is now also proliferating into more remote regions, remote sensing needs to be completed by equipment that is able to be transported easily, and have very low levels of power usage.


Using the ZephIR 300 lidar, Vaisala’s Triton and Leosphere’s WindCube system Dulas is able to provide remote sensing services to on- and offshore wind developments, ranging from turbine hub heights of 10metres, all the way to 200metres.


The ZephIR 300 may be used independently as a measuring device, or in conjunction with a meteorological mast, whilst the Triton Wind Profiler is able to provide accurate wind measurement data across the entire swept area of a turbine blade.

Download the ZephIR brochure, the Triton brochure or the Wind Cube brochure.

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