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Dulas has pioneered highly intelligent technical solutions to support renewable energy projects across the world since its formation in 1982. Our engineers invented the world’s first solar powered vaccine refrigerators, solar operating lamps and solar sockets. We have designed revolutionary and complex solar, hydro and wind installations and modelled hybrid systems to work in any environment. We continue to lead where the industry follows.


Hired by developers, utilities and landowners, Dulas provides professional renewable energy services that are tailored to all stages of the project lifecycle.

Dulas’ services range from assisting developers as they navigate the planning process, to efficient site design, contractor management, construction and installation, operations and maintenance, and also repowering.

Over the decades, Dulas has won a number of awards and secured a host of different accreditations including, but not limited to: quality, health and safety, electrical contracting, environmental impact assessment, ethics, personnel development, and microgeneration.

Dulas heritage
Dulas in a shed at CAT


Originally established by six engineers from the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, Dulas has grown consistently over the years as demand for renewable energy technologies has increased. As an employee-owned business and co-operative, the company has opted for organic, planned growth rather than a rapid, step-change expansion.

Dulas now has over 75 employees in four locations: Machynlleth in Wales, Dublin in Ireland and Stirling and Inverness in Scotland. Our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds and cover a broad range of disciplines. From specialist technicians and engineers to microgeneration installers and renewable energy service developers, Dulas has the experts that you need to take your project to fruition.

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