Knowledge and expertise

Ensuring longevity and success

Dulas brings award winning expertise and industry-leading skills to all of its renewable energy projects. Focusing on the three core technologies of solar, wind, and hydro whilst operating in all areas across the supply chain, Dulas is able to provide a comprehensive and in-depth offering to our clients. This ‘three dimensional’ approach makes Dulas a leader in renewable energy installation and consultancy. As a pioneer in the renewable energy industry, Dulas brings its experience, knowledge and invaluable insight to each renewable energy project it tackles.

Engineering Innovation

Engineering Innovation

Dulas sees its personnel as vital to its service delivery and has a staff base that covers a wide range of disciplines, from project technicians and systems specialists to microgeneration installers and hydro engineers.

From planning applications and public consultations, to site mapping and due diligence reporting, our years of experience provide you with a total service package that will take your project all the way through its lifecycle.

With a broad portfolio of high quality products and services, both in the UK and overseas, Dulas has a proven ability to turn engineering innovation into commercial and environmental success.

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