Site finding feasibility

Site finding

As part of Dulas' consultancy services, it provides site finding and feasibility support for renewable energy projects. From wind turbine site finding, to the research of potential hydro schemes, its industry knowledge and expertise helps prospective projects to succeed.

site finding for renewable energy
wind for utilities

Wind Power

Dulas is trusted to produce and collect robust and traceable wind data to ensure that prospective onshore and offshore wind power schemes are viable and will be profitable.

Dulas' expertise in wind monitoring, energy yield predictions, and site layout optimisation means data from even the most challenging sites is accurate and trustworthy.

It works in both the private and public sectors and with:

  • Utilities companies
  • Financiers and investors
  • Noise monitoring companies

Hydro Power

Dulas offers a complete hydro site development service that includes all aspects of planning and abstraction, site finding and feasibility.

For over 20 years, Dulas has been developing the successful operation of 100kW to 2MW size hydro power schemes across the UK.

Hydro consultancy
Site finding for solar PV

Solar PV

Large-scale solar farms yield significant profits and provide an efficient and low impact method of creating new electricity capacity at a stable price.

Dulas ensures that the very best return for solar power project, from planning and site finding support to advice on typical installation costs and appropriate locations.

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