Solar PV Farm Design in Ireland

Solar Planning and Design at Deerpark Solar Farm, Tipperary

Project Overview

With an increasing pipeline of ground-mount solar developments throughout Ireland, Dulas provided design and planning services to a small local developer for the Deerpark Solar Farm, a 3.6MW capacity scheme located in South Tipperary.
Our reputation as one of the few independent ground-mount solar designers was crucial to Dulas’ involvement in the project, as was our strong relationship with the client, with whom we previously worked on 3 solar farm sites in Ireland.

Solar PV Farm Ireland - Deer Park Farm
Renewable Energy Consultancy


Drawing on our experience of design, planning and installation of solar farms, and working in collaboration with our Irish planning partners Cunnane Stratton Reynolds, Dulas worked closely with the client to overcome a number of logistical and design challenges.
This included a robust assessment of the potential impact on a local railway line near the project. Ahead of the planning submission, we were able to demonstrate that, under Dulas’s design, there would not be any glint or glare impacts on the railway. This addressed comments from Irish Rail prior to submission of the planning application, helping to speed up consultation times during the planning process.
A further challenge lay in securing access to the site, as a bridge on the preferred route imposed height restrictions. Dulas worked with the client to identify an alternative route to the site, and to specify modifications to the site entrance in order to meet planning requirements in terms of sightlines and visibility.

Outcomes and Benefits

Dulas’ design and planning services enabled the client to respond quickly and effectively to a host of site issues as they arose. In doing so, Dulas greatly reduced the need for costly and time-consuming consultation with stakeholders during the planning process.
In addition, the project was delivered within the client’s specified timeframe, allowing the planning application to be submitted to Tipperary County Council well within the project timeline. The application was then successfully consented by the county council.