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Supporting healthcare centres across the globe

Keeping vaccines and blood donations cool is a major public health concern across the developing world. Recognising the challenge faced by medical professionals, Dulas pioneered solar vaccine refrigerators in 1982, and has been a market leader in the technology ever since. Fulfilling stringent PQS standards set by the World Health Organisation, these refrigerators offer safe blood and vaccine storage in the cold chain and are essential for use in areas with limited electricity availability.


Supporting healthcare centres across the globe

Drawing on our three decades of experience in the solar refrigeration industry, the Dulas range of solar direct drive refrigerators are designed to be the most reliable vaccine storage solutions available on the market today. Our sophisticated control systems optimise performance in real world conditions, alleviating functionality concerns through rainy or dull periods. These conditions prove the worth of Dulas’ SDDs. Our refrigerators excel even on cloudy days and in fluctuating light levels.

The Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator

All of our SDDs are equipped with Freeze-Free™ technology and are compatible with our revolutionary Solar Socket. Supplied with solar array sizes that far exceed the WHO PQS standards you can be confident that an SDD refrigerator from Dulas will work where others won’t.

Solar vaccine refrigerator
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Bringing Freeze-Free™ technology to mains powered refrigerators our VC225ILR is a next generation ice lined refrigerator. With the water ice lining replaced with PCM we can finally offer an ILR with no vaccine freeze risk. At 184 litres vaccine capacity the VC225ILR is ideal for larger health facilities. Supplied with a built in power regulator and voltage stabiliser this product offers the quality that Dulas is renowned for to a whole new market.

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