Solar PV commercial and industrial

Supporting your energy-intensive operations

Solar panels can significantly reduce everyday energy costs for businesses, provide free electricity during daylight hours and offer multiple additional revenue streams. Installing a solar PV system not only protects against ever-rising retail energy prices, but can also produce additional profit boosts, providing access to financial incentives as well as opportunities to sell power back to the grid.

Importantly, solar systems also serve as a visual statement of a firm’s corporate social responsibility. A solar PV system is proof that efforts are being made to reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Since installing the very first government-sponsored grid-connected system, Dulas has established itself as one of the leading consultancies to support businesses looking to install solar systems. We can help you to navigate planning regulations whilst lowering costs and securing additional revenue for your business.

Solar PV commercial and industrial
Salesforce tower - Solar power commercial and industrial

Providing a comprehensive package, Dulas offers the following services:

  • Feasibility and resource assessments
  • Identification of the most effective solar PV sites
  • Assistance with planning applications, consultation and appeals
  • Design of the full site
  • Preparation of tender specifications and project briefs
  • Management of DNO applications and assessment of limitations
  • Troubleshooting services for existing schemes experiencing difficulties

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