Solar PV for landowners

Diversifying your income stream

Solar panels can significantly reduce the everyday costs of running farms or local businesses by effectively providing free electricity throughout daylight hours.

However, selecting and installing the appropriate system which will fulfil the specific needs of your farm can be a labour-intensive process. Dulas, therefore, combines its consultancy and engineering expertise to guide landowners through the entire process.

Dulas’ solar PV systems can be deployed across a range of locations so regardless of the kind of land that you own, an appropriate system can be installed. Dulas’ systems can be roof-mounted on barns or out-houses. They can also be ground mounted and configured to allow on-going use of the land. This latter option is particularly suitable for arable farms, where animals may continue to graze on the land used for solar panel installations.

Solar PV for landowners
Ground mount PV

Dulas offers a range of services to ensure that landowners witness a steady return on their solar investments. We can offer:

  • Feasibility and resource assessments
  • Identification of the most effective solar PV sites
  • Assistance with planning applications, consultation and appeals
  • Design of the full site
  • Preparation of tender specifications and project briefs
  • Management of DNO applications and assessment of limitations
  • Troubleshooting services for existing schemes experiencing difficulties

Planning a solar installation?

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