Solar PV public sector

Saving crucial funds from expensive energy bills

In the public sector it is particularly important that an institution’s budget is deployed effectively. Given the ever-rising prices of traditional energy sources, public and not-for-profit organisations are increasingly looking to solar to provide clean and cost-effective energy resources.

During daylight hours, a solar PV system provides free energy to buildings connected to it. Above and beyond this, it offers multiple additional revenue streams, through access to financial incentives as well as opportunities to sell power back to the grid.

Solar PV for the public sector

Site assessment and planning pack

With its extensive experience of installing solar PV systems for schools, hospitals, community centres, visitor centres, offices and other institutions, Dulas offers a comprehensive site assessment and planning pack for public sector organisations, including:

  • Conducting feasibility and resource assessments
  • Identifying the most effective solar PV sites
  • Assisting with planning applications, consultation and appeals

Installation services

Once a site has been approved, and the installation can go ahead, Dulas will:

  • Design the full site
  • Prepare tender specifications and project briefs
  • Manage DNO applications and assessment of limitations
  • Install systems and carry out maintenance work when necessary


For installed projects, Dulas also offers an operation and maintenance service to tackle technical issues and boost operational performance.

Installation services

Planning a solar installation?

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