Renewable energy for utilities

The team at Dulas consists of expert advisors in the renewable energy utilities sector, accredited by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. With technical knowledge and expertise, as well as solid industry credentials and compliance, our consultants and engineers work in partnership with utility company project managers, team heads and development and technical teams. Since 1982, Dulas has been supporting the installation of hydro power and wind power schemes for utility companies, enabling the delivery of a certain percentage of power from renewables.


Wind power

Dulas provides a range of consultancy services for utility companies as part of the planning and feasibility stage of wind power projects, such as wind resource analysis and handling the discharge of conditions.

Hydro for utilities

Hydro power

Dulas' hydro power services for utility companies include full resource assessment and feasibility studies, design and installation, and operations and management. It specialises in the conversion of underperforming projects into efficient high performing systems.

Solar PV 

Dulas' solar PV consultancy services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Advice on the feed-in-tariff
  • Due diligence reporting


Dulas also advises on faults and problems in projects that require maintenance. Its focus is on the quality and longevity of our solar PV products and on optimising their energy production.

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