Met masts and wind monitoring

Accurate data is essential to your project's success

Developing and operating an investment-grade asset depends on robust, accurate and bankable data, from early site prospecting and short-term forecasting to long-term performance verification and monitoring. With an increasingly diverse base of measurement technology – ranging from static met masts to portable SoDAR and LiDAR remote-sensing devices – installing and calibrating the right system for your site is a crucial consideration.

Data as a Service

Benefitting from many years of experience working on challenging sites across the UK, Dulas’ team of IRATA-3 trained engineers provide a complete installation and maintenance service for your onshore and offshore measurement equipment. Find out more here about how we can reduce your on-site risk and bring cost efficiency with our new data as a service package from Dulas.

Once collected, reliable resource and performance data plays a key role in informing the decisions with a bearing on the long-term success of your project.

In order to help you make the most of your data, Dulas’ in-house team of data analysts provide expert screening, processing and archiving of data from onshore and offshore wind measurement equipment. Dulas’ remote communication systems have been developed over many years to provide you with the very best reporting from both met masts and remote sensing devices.

Wind monitoring in remote locations

Data analysis

Our data analysis services include:

  • Bankable wind resource assessment
  • Multiple site monitoring
  • Data collection and validation
  • Correlation with Met Office data
  • Energy yield prediction and analysis
  • Layout optimisation


Our complete installation and maintenance service includes:

  • A full turnkey mast installation service, including ongoing refurbishment, equipment storage, inspection, maintenance, re-certification and decommissioning
  • Installation of tilt-up met masts (10m – 90m) with custom dataloggers
  • Lattice tower installations (40m – 160m)
  • Rental of industry-leading Vaisala Triton SoDAR and ZephIR LiDAR remote sensing systems
  • Expert management of client-owned SoDAR and LiDAR systems, including deployment, storage and data processing
  • Power curve testing
  • Onshore and offshore instrumentation installations

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