Wind for landowners

Making the most of your wind energy investment

Installing a medium-scale wind turbine can unlock a range of potential revenue streams for landowners. Whether deployed to take advantage of the government Feed-in Tariff (FiT), support energy-intensive farming operations, sell power to the national grid, or benefit from a low-risk land rental agreement, an on-site turbine provides rural business and property owners with a great opportunity to protect themselves against rising energy costs and to diversify their sources of income.

However, negotiating an increasingly complex planning process and guaranteeing that you have chosen the right turbine and location to maximise your return on investment in the long-term is a considerable task.

With three decades of experience in farm-scale wind development, Dulas guides you from early stage planning through to installation to ensure that you make the most of your wind energy investment.

Wind for landowners
Single turbine site for landowner

Site assessment and planning pack

If you are considering installing a turbine, Dulas offers a comprehensive site assessment and planning pack for 50kW-100kW single or multiple turbine sites. The service is designed to provide all of the important information you need to make an informed decision. Our package includes:

  • A site visit from an experienced Dulas engineer
  • Detailed analysis of the wind resource and advice on long-term wind monitoring options
  • Advice on which turbine to choose and where to site it
  • An assessment of environmental, telecommunications, military and grid connection considerations
  • Long-term energy yield and financial return predictions


In order to give you the best chance of success with your planning proposal, the planning pack also includes site location details, a site plan, block plan, turbine elevation and zone of theoretical visibility. In addition, the report will supply wireframes for use in a photomontage, a noise map and predicted noise at nearby dwellings.

Planning a turbine installation?

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